The Fairest of Stories: Reflections on Sūrah Yūsūf (Q. 12)

Dislcaimer: All views expressed in this presentation are those of the speaker and do not necessarily represent the teachings, views, and opinions of Darul Qasim.

The Fairest of Stories: Reflections on Sūrah Yūsūf

Dr. Jawad A. Qureshi | Zaytuna College

Friday, October 23rd 2020 | 8:00 PM CDT


Surat Yusuf is described in the Qur’an as “the fairest of stories.” Scholars have long recognized that this chapter has many unique features when compared to the other chapters of the Qur’an. Using the notion of “coherence of the Qur’an” (nazm al-Qur’an), this presentation will provide a detailed study of the narrative of the Prophet Yusuf (عليه السلام) as it is presented in the chapter and reflect on a number of lessons that may be derived therefrom, providing us with some sense of why it is “the fairest of stories.”


Dr. Jawad A. Qureshi is assistant professor of Islamic Theology and Philosophy at Zaytuna College. He teaches graduate courses pertaining to Arabic, Logic, Kalam theology, and research methods. He also serves as Administrative Director for the MA program in Islamic Texts. He earned his PhD from The University of Chicago Divinity School. He has studied and continues to do so under ‘ulama’ from Syria, Jordan, and the United States.

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