Chapter 58: Sūrat al-Mujādalah

Sūrat al-Mujādalah , Chapter 58 Verse(s): 1-8 presented on 4/6/08

Introduction to Sūrat al-Mujādalah

Sūrat al-Mujādalah , Chapter 58 Verse(s): 9-13 presented on 4/13/08

Muslims do not conceal their faith or their intentions, and Muslim leadership is expected to have transparency. The Shaykh draws out the advice embedded in these verses for Muslims to be dynamic social beings who accommodate each other’s needs.

Sūrat al-Mujādalah, Chapter 58 Verse(s): 14-22 presented on Apr 20,2008

In explaining these verses, the Shaykh discusses the conditions of those who abandon their religion for political gain. He goes on to mention the known attributes of the hypocrites. ‘…when you lose dhikr, the devil is now controlling your mind…’

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