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Sūrah Ṣād (38:1-11)


The Qurʾān is revealed in a pristine Arabic. Although the Quraysh knew and understood it, they yet had an aversion to receiving its message and remembering Allah ﷻ.

In this lecture:
– the state of denial and disbelief
– studying past civilizations as a means of dhikr
– turning to Allah ﷻ as the primary source of help
– the Quraysh’s brutal rejection of the prophet’s ﷺ daʾwah
– the awe-inspiring Oneness and Omnipotence of Allah ﷻ, the Sustainer of all the worlds
– the strategy of the Quraysh to counter the message of Rasulullah ﷺ
– the endurance of Rasulullah ﷺ in his mission
– how Divine selection works
al- Wahhāb ﷻ (the Bestower)

Sūrah Ṣād (38:12-20)


Allah ﷻ is not pleased with those who exploit the trust of Allah ﷻ for their personal gain. He ﷻ has placed individuals in the ummah (nation) of Muhammad ﷺ who collectively exhibit the attributes of those who belied previous messengers (AS).

In this lecture:
– the disbelief of the people of Nuh (AS)
– the military prowess of the ʿĀd
– the engineering feats of Firʿawn
– the people of the forest, and the power of their economy
– the code of messengers (AS)
fawāq (moment of cessation)
– the patience of RasulAllah ﷺ, and Dawūd (AS) as an example in patience
– the miracle of Dawūd’s voice (AS)
– power, and its forms

Sūrah Ṣād (38:21-26)


Although it has many stories and references to historical accounts, the Qurʾān must not be read like a storybook or a book of history; rather it must read as a book of dhikr as mentioned at the beginning of this Sūrah.

In this lecture:
– the story of the two disputants
– the burden of judging between people
– identifying the test and common pitfalls in tafsīr
– the governance of the Khalīfah of Allah ﷻ
– the rapport of the prophets with nature
– the elevated stature of prophets (AS)

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