Islam the Answer to All Problems

Reflection delivered on May 20th, 2022 

Islam is the Answer to all Problems: A Response as an Ummah to the Issue of Homosexuality 

In this Friday reflections, Shaykh Amin begins by discussing the mindset that must rule the Muslim psyche in order for us to not only recognize, understand, and appreciate the gifts of Islam, the Prophet , and the Qurʾān, but also to procure gifts in the ākhirah.  Such a mindset will solidify in our hearts and minds the reality that Islam has the answer to all problems.  Against this backdrop, Shaykh Amin discusses the sensitive issue of homosexuality.  As Muslims living in the United States, he reminds us:

“The lens through which we look, observe, evaluate, assess, and determine values is very different from the cultural norm of the US and the whole world.”

Shaykh Amin uses the concepts of haya, tawbah, and ʾadab (respect) from within the Muslim culture to show how we must respond as an Ummah to the discussion of LGBTQ. “What we have to do is take a step back and not jump onto the bandwagon because everyone else is doing so.”  We cannot see Islam as an impediment, rather our religion should be at the center of our understanding of these sensitive issues. If we do not use the Islamic framework and respond to these issues, we risk procuring the heavenly, divine gifts that come from Allah and descend upon the Muslim Ummah.