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There will be no Sunday Tafsīr until futher notice.

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Sūrat al-Zumar (39:23-25)

SESSION 6, DELIVERED ON 12/16/2018 Allah ﷻ reveals and the prophet ﷺ repeats. And when the prophet ﷺ repeats, Allah...

Sūrat al-Zumar (39:19-22)

SESSION 5, DELIVERED ON 12/09/2018 The Qurʾān encourages and exhorts human beings to goodness. Honor for those who heed Allah’s...

Sūrat al-Zumar (39:11-18)

SESSION 4, DELIVERED ON 12/02/2018 The object of worship should be one, and the reason for worship should also be...

Sūrat al-Zumar (39:7-11)

SESSION 3, DELIVERED ON 11/25/2018 Allah’s ﷻ Divinity is independent of what human beings believe or do even as He...

Sūrat al-Zumar (39:5-6)

SESSION 2, DELIVERED ON 11/18/2018 The objective of creation is to serve the human being. This is something that the...

Sūrat al-Zumar (39:1-4)

SESSION 1, DELIVERED ON 11/04/2018 There is nothing in Islamic forms and modes of worship that does not lead you...
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