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Enrollment Steps

This application form [scroll down] is for students who are seeking full-time enrollment.  If you are seeking part-time enrollment, please visit to register for individual courses offered at Darul Qasim.

The form below is for those applying for one of the following programs:

The Immersion Shaykh al-Hind Program
Prerequisite: Fluency in Qurʾān reading and basic Arabic writing

Intermediate Islamic Studies
Prerequisite: Completion of Shaykh al-Hind program or equivalent (completion and mastery of entry level Ṣarf and Naḥw studies)

Advanced Islamic Law and Islamic Theology
Prerequisite: Completion of the intermediate level courses with a 2.0+ GPA or equivalent

If you have completed Arabic and Islamic courses/texts outside Darul Qasim, please ensure you specify all the courses/texts you have completed to ensure accurate course offerings and placement in the program you specify to enroll.

Proof via documentation of completed courses/texts through individuals or institutes must be emailed to after the submission of this application form. Darul Qasim will not accept completion of courses/texts documented by applicants without proof of their completion from their instructor or institute.

The Office of the Registrar ( will review your submission and contact you via email or phone with further details and updates.

1. Apply: Submit your application [scroll down] – deadline: August 20, 2017

2. Complete Assessment [if applicable]: The Registrar will review your application submission, contact you for additionally information if needed then schedule a placement assessment for you with our faculty [if applicable]

3. Register: The Registrar will email your course load to register for prior to the beginning of the semester

4. Attend: First day of class will be Monday, August 28 though you will be required to attend a day of orientation on Thursday, August 24

Important Dates for Full-time Applicants

Apply [Full-time]

Application Deadline AUGUST 20, 2017

New Students Orientation AUGUST 24, 2017

First day of class AUGUST 28, 2017

Part-time students: registration for courses will open May 1, 2017

Application Form

Minors are not eligible to enroll in full-time or part-time programs at Darul Qasim as a standard policy.
Darul Qasim reserves the right to approve or reject an applicant’s admission as a full-time or part-time student.