Why We Need Your Support

Each academic year, one in five students who apply to Darul Qasim to study, need tuition assistance – costing Darul Qasim $100k annually.

At Darul Qasim, we do not turn any qualified applicants away in the face of financial obstacles. We need your help in order to maintain the rate at which we assist students every year.

What You Are Supporting

By supporting Darul Qasim, you are helping a student learn academic Islamic knowledge in which they:

Producing Islamic scholars focused on research in an academic setting in the United States is what sets Darul Qasim and its students apart.

The Impact of Your Contribution

Your contribution impacts you and impacts society:

Your investment is a ṣadaqah jāriyah (perpetual charity) for you. By supporting the production of Islamic scholars mastering the Islamic content, you impact society as they are able to provide lasting solutions in today’s ever-changing context.

Whatever you are able to participate with makes a difference.  In our tradition, we never know which dollar may have the most immense barakah (many-fold blessings) in it.

We Accept Zakah

Give up to 50% of your Zakah to Darul Qasim.

Darul Qasim by the Numbers – 2017


registered men & women receiving an academic Islamic education


students studying in the Advanced program


students receiving an education in the Intermediate program


rigorously trained and distinguished full-time faculty staff