QUR501: Legal Qur’an Study I

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Quranic Studies and Recitation
Core or Elective

Course Name: Legal Qur’an Study I

This course will focus on Madārik al-Tanzīl wa Ḥaqāʾiq al-Taʾwīl known as Tafsīr al-Nasafī of the Central Asian Ḥanafī jurist and exegete Abū l-Barakāt Abd Allāh b. Aḥmad al-Nasafī (d.710/1320). The work not only summarizes the grammatical, lexical, and rhetorical discussions of previous exegeses such as those of al-Zamakhsharī (d.538/1144) and al-Bayḍāwī (d. ca. 685/1286) but also interprets the legal and theological aspects of the Qurˀān through the lens of Ḥanafī jurisprudence and Māturīdī school of dialectic theology.