LAW401 Advanced Islamic Law: al-Hidāyah I

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Islamic Law
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Course Name: Advanced Islamic Law: al-Hidāyah I

al-Marghīnānī’s (d. 593/1196) al-Hidāyah empowers the student with a comprehensive understanding of each legal issue through delving into textual and rational evidence. al-Marghīnānī furthers the discourse at times by mentioning similar rulings or drawing the student’s attention to subtle differences between apparently similar cases. The author also presents opposing opinions from both within and outside the Ḥanafī legal school. The discourse is concluded by answering the objections of the opposition by transmitted evidence or legal maxims. al-Hidāyah has enjoyed special attention throughout the ages. The various commentaries and notes on the work ease the student’s journey.

Advanced Legal Reasoning in the Ḥanafī School: al-Marghīnānī’s al-Hidāyah Volume 1