Mawlana Asif Uddin

Lecturer, Shaykh al-Hind & Intermediate Islamic Studies Program

Mawlāna Asif Zia Uddin began his quest for knowledge at a very young age. He completed memorization of the Qur’ān (ḥifẓ) at the age of 15 from the Institute of Islamic Education (IIE). Soon thereafter, he began the ‘alimmiyah program (equivalent to a Master’s degree in Arabic and Islamic Studies) at IIE and graduated in the year 2012 at the age of 21. On his path to receiving ijāzah (certification) in the ‘alimmiyah program, he studied numerous Islamic and Arabic sciences, namely; Arabic grammar, morphology, rhetoric, Islamic jurisprudence (fiqh), Qur’ānic exegesis (tafsīr), prophetic narrations (hadith), and Islamic theology (‘aqīdah). In 2016, he completed his undergraduate degree in Education from Benedictine University.

He has taught various summer Arabic programs and served as an instructor for Qur’ān memorization. In addition, Mawlāna Asif’s quest for more Islamic knowledge continues at Darul Qasim where he is completing an ijāzah in Qur’ān recitation while being a full-time instructor. Mawlāna Asif is also a youth coordinator for the Al-Huda Youth which aims to create a medium that will allow Muslim youth to balance their Islamic values while facing the challenges of today’s environment.

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